Disney Invades Flash Market with Mickey Mouse Drive

Disney Invades Flash Market with Mickey Mouse Drive


I’m not really sure how official a product this is, but there’s no denying that the latest USB flash drive offering from A-Data bears a striking resemblance to Disney’s best known character. No, I’m not referring to Buzz Lightyear for crying out loud! What you see here are a series of 2GB Mickey Mouse USB flash drives from A-Data.

To further personalize this product, A-Data has allowed for a photo window in the “head” section of the drive. One of the ears appears to be pierced, giving you room for a lanyard or something. The other ear appears to be detachable, revealing the USB connector that you’ll need to pass the data to and from your computer.

No word on pricing or availability, but we hear that Mickey Mouse is actually pretty fast. These Disney-themed drives, to ship in a myriad of colors, boast an average read speed of 30MB/sec.