BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe Gets Priced, Optioned

BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe Gets Priced, Optioned


BMW really needs to think of a better name for the X6, because when you shorten Sports Activity Coupe, you end up with SAC. I’m thinking that marketing a SAC will be filled with childish giggles and embarrassed blushes. Even so, the BMW X6 looks like it could be carving out a whole new market in the automotive industry and we’ve got the details surrounding pricing and options.

For those of you aren’t as familiar, the X6 is meant to bridge the gap between crossover vehicles and full-sized sports sedans. It sits up higher than a regular car, but it’s not as gas-guzzling or foreboding as a full-on sport utility. The base price for the BMW X6 with xDrive 35i has been set at $52,500.

This gets you powered by a twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine. Bump the price to $63k to get the xDrive 50i and its 4.4L V8 (400hp, 450 lb-ft of torque). Going even further, you can tack on options like the $1900 navi system, $1200 heads-up display, and $2000 premium sound package. Check out the post at Autoblog for the full list.