Bluetrek Bizz Bluetooth Headset Boasts USB, Card Reader

Bluetrek Bizz Bluetooth Headset Boasts USB, Card Reader


While attached to the side of someone’s head, the Bizz Bluetooth headset from Bluetrek doesn’t look like anything special, but a closer look reveals at least two secrets. Unlike so many other headsets that come with their own charging cables, this Bluetrek number actually has an integrated USB connector.

What this means is that when you are traveling, it’s not necessary to bring an extra cable, because the Bluetrek Bizz headset can get its juice from any available USB port. Handy! But wait, there’s more. The guys at Bluetrek also decided to add microSD card reading duties to the Bizz, providing customers with even more value.

I haven’t had a chance to actually use this thing, so I can’t speak toward its call quality, battery life, or real-life usability. That said, the pricing isn’t all that bad — $80 — given the two bonus features described above.