Unofficial Nintendo Gaming Phone Is So Fly

Unofficial Nintendo Gaming Phone Is So Fly


As it stands, there are three major players in the video game arena. We’ve got the guys at Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. The first two have dipped their feet into the world of cell phones — Sony Ericsson (where’s the PSP phone?) and Windows Mobile (where’s the ZunePhone?) — but Nintendo has yet to make any sort of official foray into mobile phones. If you’re tired of waiting for a real Nintendo phone, the Fly Mobile MC100 might be the next best thing, because it comes preloaded with all sorts of Mario-loving emulators.

The Fly Mobile MC100 is marketed as an entertainment-themed handset, but the primary source of entertainment comes from the emulators for SNES, Game Boy Color, Game Boy, and NES games. On this single handset, you’ll be able to enjoy everything from Tetris to Rygar, Mario Kart to Street Fighter. There’s no saying how good these emulators are, but it’s nice to hear that they are there.

Outside of the gaming appeal, the MC100 from Fly Mobile also has a QVGA display, multimedia player, Yamaha audio chipset, ebook reader, email client, microSD expansion, 2MP camera, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Find the Fly MC100 for $270.