Sony Shoves 13.6 Megapixels Into Compact W300 Camera

Sony Shoves 13.6 Megapixels Into Compact W300 Camera


The megapixel count on consumer level digital cameras has really skyrocketed in recent years. You’ve got to wonder why soccer moms need this much resolution, because they’re effectively getting enough pixels for one giant wall poster. Maybe they want to posterize their sons and daughters or something. Whatever the case, digital camera makers are fulfilling their mega-megapixel desires.

Take the new Sony W300, for example. It’s a reasonably slim and otherwise unassuming digital camera, but it boasts an effective resolution of 13.6 megapixels. This is a huge leap for the compact point-and-shoot market, especially when you consider that most people would do just fine with five or six megapixels. It’s not as powerful as a DSLR, but you are able to shoot at 5 fps if you dial it down to 3MP.

Other features include 3x optical zoom, ISO 6400, smile detection, and automatic scene detection. Look for the Sony Cyber-shot W300 to sell for $350 when it launches this May.