Samsung Guru100 Approaches India’s Entry-Level Market

Samsung Guru100 Approaches India’s Entry-Level Market


India is one of the world’s fastest emerging economies and technology companies know it. They have really started marketing to the lower end of India’s market and Samsung is continuing this trend with the decidedly basic Guru100. The entry-level Samsung Guru100 is a candybar phone with a rather limited feature set.

Aside from the deceptively small (128 x 128 pixels) color display and 9-hour battery life, the Samsung Guru100 also has MP3 ringtones, a mobile tracker, Hinglish SMS support, speakerphone, and a contacts phonebook capacity of 500 entries. I can’t say for sure, but because this is a Samsung phone, I’d imagine that the Guru100 is pretty slim too.

Perhaps the most appealing feature on the Samsung Guru100 is its price tag: a mere fifty bucks. You can’t get much cheaper than that.