Samsung Glyde (U940) Scheduled For Late March Release

Samsung Glyde (U940) Scheduled For Late March Release


HTC isn’t the only company that knows how to offer a large touchscreen display accompanied with a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. The Samsung U940 has officially been renamed the Samsung Glyde, making direct reference to the keyboard that juts out the side. You see what they did with the I-to-Y there? That’s one sad attempt at being hip and cool if you ask me.

On track for a late March launch, the Samsung Glyde is set to arrive on the shelves of Verizon Wireless, right alongside direct competitors like the LG Voyager. I realize that the Voyager is a clamshell and the Glyde is a slider, but the comparison is inevitable. You could say that the name swap to Glyde is to put in more in line with its stablemates, seeing how Verizon already has phones like the Chocolate and Venus instead of their original model numbers.

Despite its large color display, the Samsung Glyde seems to only have a WAP browser, instead of a full HTML web browser for your mobile surfing needs. Other than that, it looks pretty hot.