Zeki Cell Phone Targetted At Babies and Toddlers

Zeki Cell Phone Targetted At Babies and Toddlers


And you thought pre-teens were too young to own a cell phone. YoungToys of Korea is set to launch the Zeki mobile phone and it’s squarely targeted at the younger set. And we’re talking much younger, even younger than the market being targeted by devices like the Migo.

Unlike the Firefly and Migo, however, the Zeki actually comes with a boatloads of functionality. In addition to cellular communication, the Zeki is also a digital walkie-talkie, enabling conversations between units at up to 260 feet apart. Beyond this, it also has audio/video recording, MP3 playback, alarm clocks, downloadable games, and even text messages!

They didn’t indicate an exact launch date, but if your kid is almost out of diapers, it might be time to buy them a Zeki for $105 in Korea. Heck, who needs to outgrow diapers?