Video: SNES Games on iPhone Available for Public Consumption

Video: SNES Games on iPhone Available for Public Consumption


The Apple iPhone never seems to run out of tricks, especially since there is such a huge community of enthusiasts who are continually developing new and innovative ways to use the multi-touch interface. You may have heard about snes4iphone some time back, but now the classic emulator is available to the public. Get your Donkey Kong Country on.

Before there was the PS3 and the Xbox 360, people were gaming away on little six-button controllers with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Based on the video embedded below, the developer has decided to go with the Super Famicom color scheme, but this emulator should work with just about any SNES game released, both in the US and Japan. From the first Smash Bros to the first Mario Kart, the classic system is filled with legends.

The snes4iphone emulator works in both landscape and portrait modes, so it’s up to you which you prefer. There’s still some work to be done — audio support, for example — but this is already pretty awesome. Check out more details here.