The Future of Cell Phones: Nokia Morph Concept (Video)

The Future of Cell Phones: Nokia Morph Concept (Video)


The future of cell phones is obviously a little unclear, because there are so many directions that the industry can take. If you were to ask someone a few years back about what would become the most popular user interface of 2007, it’s unlikely that they would have mentioned anything about an Apple-brand multi-touch display. Even so, Nokia has decided to venture a bold prediction as to what cell phones will look like in the future and what they envision is the Nokia Morph, a handset that uses nanotechnology.

The Nokia Morph, which you can see below, seems to combine the innovation behind e-paper and nanotechnology to produce a phone that can actually change its physical configuration to suit your needs at the end. Fold it out to reveal a full-sized QWERTY keyboard or scrunch it up and wear it like a watch. You can also fold it up like an accordion for a candybar-like form factor. How they will go about doing this, well, that remains to be seen.

Do you think Nokia is getting it right or are they way off the mark? Time will tell.