Imperia GP Hybrid Sportscar Looking Retro Chic

Imperia GP Hybrid Sportscar Looking Retro Chic


While most new hybrid cars try to look all innovative and futuristic, that’s not the design strategy behind the Imperia GP sportscar concept. Looking instead like it was taken out of London streets from, I don’t know, 50 years ago, the Imperia GP has a definite retro appeal to it.

The powerplant, on the other hand, is just as cutting edge as any Prius or Escape Hybrid on the market. The Imperia GP is powered by a 2.0L four-banger good for 176hp, accompanied by an electric helper of course. The net result is about 176hp and a 0-06mph time of just 4.8 seconds.

To fully recharge the electric side of things takes about four hours and I think this is done through a plug-in configuration. You can also opt for hybrid mode and get the gas engine to juice up the electric motor.