Haier Black Pearl Makes Comeback with Onyx Liscio

Haier Black Pearl Makes Comeback with Onyx Liscio


I knew the design of this phone looked familiar. As far as I can tell, the “new” Onyx Liscio is exactly the same as the Haier Black Pearl we saw a long while back. This isn’t the first time that the minuscule handset has been re-imagined, re-branded, or re-marketed. As you recall, the Haier Black Pearl has also appeared as the Dmobo Batman Phone and the Elegance.

To make things marginally different, the Onyx Liscio looks like it’s going to marketed in the UK, but the lightweight phone comes with pretty well the same features. This means that you get a tiny 96×96 pixel display, FM radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth, microSD expansion, and 128MB internal memory. Sadly there is no camera or 3G connectivity.

Retail price on the Onyx Liscio, if you are at all interested, is £129.99 ($ 255) in the United Kingdom. Alternatively, you can probably find the Haier-branded model for less on eBay.