Apple to Unleash New MacBook Pro Tomorrow?

Apple to Unleash New MacBook Pro Tomorrow?


Some people have voiced their discontent with the MacBook Air, citing the lack of Ethernet or user replaceable battery as some of the main issues with the so-called world’s thinnest laptop. Power users want something a little more powerful, naturally, so Apple is reportedly going to announce a new MacBook Pro tomorrow.

The source of this rumor is that new MacBook Pro part numbers have suddenly shown up in both Apple and channel resellers’ inventory management systems. This means that big dogs like Best Buy already “know” (sort of) about the upcoming notebooks, and the database is pointing toward inventory availability for this Friday. As a result, tomorrow (Tuesday) seems to be the most likely candidate for a launch announcement.

So, what can we expect? AppleInsider is saying that the MacBook Pros will have Penryn mobile processors at up to 2.6GHz and the laptops will come equipped with the same multi-touch trackpad as the MacBook Air. Prices are shown as $1999, $2499, and $2799. The external design, as far as we can tell, will remain the same.