Transform Your iPhone Into a Wireless PC Touchpad

Transform Your iPhone Into a Wireless PC Touchpad


Do you have your desktop or notebook PC connected to your TV? Don’t you wish that you could have a proper wireless remote so that you can control the whole shi-bang from the comfort of the couch? Now you can and it can be done with a little Apple flair.

The appropriately named for the iPhone effectively transforms Apple’s touch-enabled cell phone into a wireless touchpad for your PC. It functions exactly the same way that the mouse touchpad works on your laptop, moving that cursor around, opening windows, and doing all the things that a mouse is supposed to do. The best part is that it is completely wireless, operating off of the existing Wi-Fi connection in your iPhone.

Naturally, your iPod (or iPod Touch) will need to be jailbroken for the application to work. In addition to the app itself, you’ll need a VNC client for your PC. RealVNC is a simple (and free).