HD DVD Player for Xbox 360 Slashed to $50

HD DVD Player for Xbox 360 Slashed to $50


HD DVD is dead. After big dogs like Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, and Toshiba pulled the plug on the high-definition format, we knew that those discs would effectively become useless in a few months. It looks like Microsoft is about to open up a fire sale on the HD DVD Player add-on for the Xbox 360, because word is that they’re cutting the price like mad.

Whereas a standalone Blu-ray player still sells for about $300 or so, you can grab the HD-playing accessory for the Xbox 360 for a measly fifty bucks. That might sound like an incredible deal, considering that this thing cost like $200 when it was first launched, but you also have to realize that the HD DVD library isn’t going to get any bigger.

I wonder how many free movies they’re going to include along with this deal, seeing how $99 standalone players come with, like, seven free movies. The price cut is still a rumor, but I’m inclined to believe it. Microsoft might as well be giving these things away.