Google’s Wireless Coverage Plans Are Full of Hot Air

Google’s Wireless Coverage Plans Are Full of Hot Air


Google is taking over the world. We already know that. I’ve come to rely on far too many Google applications — Gmail, Search, Reader, Analytics… — but I know that other folks may rely on Google even more than me. In an attempt to further infiltrate our lives, Google is reportedly working on a wireless coverage plan that involves a series of hot air balloons. One balloon can cover an area equivalent to 40 cellular towers.

Apparently working with (or possibly buying) Space Date Corp, Google wants to use these balloons for the purposes of wireless coverage and transmission. Balloons operated by Space Date Corp can be used for various services including “medical-related specifics, such as wireless PDA diabetes reading.” Space Date Corp currently flies 10 balloons a day.

The problem is that unlike cell towers, the balloons are inherently temporary, lasting only 24 hours each. This means that they have to be replaced each day to the tune of $50, but they could prove to be a great solution for providing wireless coverage to wide open spaces.