Glass Phone Lives On the Edge of Style

Glass Phone Lives On the Edge of Style


While diamonds and white gold might scream out that you have too much money for your own good, having glass integrated into your cell phone just seems to display an understated elegance. It’s not in your face, but there’s just a certain level of class or prestige that goes into a design like this. The Edge phone boasts one of the most stylish designs I’ve seen to date and this is largely because of the svelte glass keypad.

As appears to be the norm with many fashionable handsets these days, the Edge phone takes on a slider form factor. While in its closed position, the phone is remarkably compact, showing you little more than just the color display. You could say that it looks almost like an iRiver clix. But that’s not what makes this phone so elegant. It’s the transparent glass keypad that slides out the bottom. That’s hot.

The etched numerics are illuminated by way of an embedded LED, resulting in a “glowing effect”. The designer has kept this phone remarkably sleek with the only visible lines coming from the microphone wiring. Awesome. Too bad it’s just a concept.