Walt Mossberg Compares MacBook Air with Lenovo X300

Walt Mossberg Compares MacBook Air with Lenovo X300


It was inevitable. The MacBook Air claims that it is the thinnest laptop on the market and then Lenovo comes around with the X300, tackling the exact same market but with a Microsoft flair. These two slim notebooks bring a lot to the table, but in the end, which is the superior computer? Which is the better buy? Let Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal decide for you.

The Mossbergian one pit the Apple MacBook Air against the Lenovo X300 on a series of different criteria, weighing each of the advantages and disadvantages until he could come to a hearty conclusion.

On the MacBook Air side of things, you get a laptop that is thinner, lighter, has better battery life, is more easily used on an airplane, runs Mac OS X Leopard, comes with a faster processor, and is ultimately more affordable. On the Lenovo X300 side, you get way more ports, built-in DVD, included SSD, WiMAX, wireless USB, GPS location-finding, and a higher resolution display. When you tally up all those points, it looks like a 7-7 tie. I guess you can’t rely on the WSJ for everything.