Never Sleep In Again With Mathematical Alarm Clock

Never Sleep In Again With Mathematical Alarm Clock


I’m not a morning person. I never have been and I don’t think that I ever will be. While being a freelance writer has its perks, I still have to get up at a reasonable hour every morning and this can be quite the struggle. The snooze button is just too tempting.

To make sure you actually get up when the buzzer goes, this alarm clock challenges you with a mathematical equation. The buzzer does not stop until the question is answered correctly. This is in stark contrast to how easy it is to hit the snooze button. In this way, you have to wake up, look at the display, and use your brain. By the time you solve the math question, you’re probably pretty alert.

Inventor Nicholas Paul Johnson has quite the fascinating idea here, but it’s almost an exercise in self-torture, especially if you are not numerically-inclined.