NDrive G400 Stops You From Drinking and Navigating

NDrive G400 Stops You From Drinking and Navigating


Having a portable GPS navigation system that only provides directions and displays maps just isn’t good enough anymore. Taking a look at the feature sets on many units these days will reveal functions like MP3 players, Bluetooth connectivity, on-board games, and all sorts of other doo-dahs not directly related to getting you on the road.

The NDrive G400 GPS navigation system comes with a feature you may not find on any of its competitors: a breathalyzer. All of us already know that you shouldn’t drink and drive, but there’s little harm in having maybe one drink with dinner before heading out on the road. That said, it can be difficult to discern whether you’re sober enough to drive. The embedded breathalyzer does this test for you, informing you of your blood alcohol level. In the picture, the user is over the limit and should not drive.

The G400 from NDrive should be shipping “soon” for about 200 Euro. The initial launch will be in Portugal of all places.