Handsfree Video Watching on iPod Nano For 20 Bucks

Handsfree Video Watching on iPod Nano For 20 Bucks


In case you didn’t notice, the third-generation iPod nano comes with video playback functionality. The screen may be on the smaller end of things, but the resolution and color reproduction are surprisingly good. I have no trouble watching episodes of Kenny vs. Spenny on this thing. Unfortunately, it kind of sucks having to actually hold the nano the whole bloody time, especially if you’re enjoying a feature-length film.

If you’re in the mood for watching videos on your 3G iPod nano but don’t want to hold the little thing, then you may want to check out this “innovation” from DLO. No, it’s not a speaker dock. No, it’s not a charging station. Instead, the twenty dollar asking price will buy you a little plastic stand for your nano.

Yes, that’s it. It’s just a little clear plastic stand and it props your nano’s display to a more easily visible angle. Alternatively, you could, I don’t know, just place it on the table and look down at it.