Toyota Hybrids Hit The Top of the Price Range

Toyota Hybrids Hit The Top of the Price Range


Toyota is already pretty well known for their Hybrid Synergy Drive, but now they plan on pushing that moniker even further by making their hybrids decidedly upscale. Along with the “green” appeal of their hybrids, Toyota also plans on plunking the technology into the top end of many of their models.

Take the Toyota Crown sedan, for example. I saw a few of these when I was in Tokyo last December and you could say that it’s the Cadillac of the Toyota line. It’s already a pretty high-end sedan, but the Crown Hybrid comes in at $21,600 more than its non-hybrid brethren. This premium covers not only the Synergy Drive, but also “a range of extra electronic gadgetry.” Among the goodness are an LCD instrument panel and a night-vision pedestrian detector.

The idea is that Toyota will only include these high-end extras on their range-topping hybrid models. An executive chief engineer said that they’ll “add some extra features onto the hybrid to establish it as the superior grade.”