Tata Going Flipping Crazy Over Jaguar

Tata Going Flipping Crazy Over Jaguar


You’ve surely heard about the proposed acquisition. Tata Motors of India plans on buying both Land Rover and Jaguar from the Ford Motor Company, but it seems like they’re only interested in keeping the former. This is in stark contrast to earlier reports wherein Tata was more interested in Jaguar to begin with.

As it turns out, Tata’s primary interest in the maker of the X-Type is so that they can flip the Jaguar brand “as soon as it acquires it from Ford.” In this way, they seem to prefer the Land Rover luxury marque and they are more likely to keep that one in their portfolio for the long haul. Jaguar, by contrast, “will be spun off almost immediately.”

Even so, Land Rover production may or may not stay entirely in the UK. This was one of the concerns coming from the labor unions representing Jaguar and Land Rover workers in Great Britain. In fact, there are reports that company head Ratan Tata has purchased a 450-acre plot outside New Delhi and he plans on using this land to build a Land Rover plant.