NASA Wants to Provide Cell Service On the Moon

NASA Wants to Provide Cell Service On the Moon


Can you hear me now? That just might be the crazy proposition that NASA has in the works, because the space-loving organization is preparing a cellular network on the moon. The British National Space Center has teamed up with NASA and they hope to provide cell phone service to the moon, connecting not only the different astronauts who are bouncing around in the low gravity environment, but also connecting them with the folks back on terra firma.

As you may have heard, NASA is planning to build a base at the south pole of the moon after 2020. By setting up cellular service there, the astronauts working there would be better equipped to communicate with one another, just as they would if they were working on something on Earth. Remember, these scientists would effectively be living on the base, so they’ll want the modern conveniences of home.

Naturally, the astronauts won’t have full access to wireless music downloads and fresh wallpapers, but the early lunar system is said to be “comparable to the satellite phone network of the 1980s and 1990s on Earth.”