Best Buy Leaks WiMAX-Touting Nokia N830 Internet Tablet

Best Buy Leaks WiMAX-Touting Nokia N830 Internet Tablet


One of the most popular UMPCs on the market today is the Nokia N810. Preceded by the Nokia N800, the N810 provides users with an intuitive web surfing experience, getting them to type things out on a comfortable QWERTY keyboard and tap the screen just as they would click a mouse. That’s all well and good, but we want speed and we want speed everywhere we go.

You may have heard the rumors about a successor to the Nokia N810 that would come equipped with WiMAX connectivity. That rumor has apparently come to fruition with the Nokia N830. In the most recent edition of Best Buy’s online mobile buyer’s guide, there is a shot of an Internet Tablet amongst a bevy of cool Nokia phones. This device looks a little different than the existing N810, leading us to believe that it is a new unit.

We see a black case and orange backlighting beneath the keypad. The Boy Genius is venturing a guess that this is indeed the new Nokia N830 and it’s the one that will come loaded with Sprint-loving WiMAX connectivity. That’d certainly ring up a few sales at the till, eh?