T-Mobile’s $99 Plan Includes Unlimited Voice, Text Messages

T-Mobile’s $99 Plan Includes Unlimited Voice, Text Messages


This has suddenly become the norm for American mobile operators. If you’re going to compete in this chatty market, you’re going to have to provide some form of unlimited plan. Following in the footsteps of Verizon Wireless and AT&T, T-Mobile has also announced a monthly plan that comes with unlimited minutes. But their plan has more.

While it has the same $99 a month price point as its Verizon and AT&T counterparts, the T-Mobile unlimited plan also comes with unlimited text messages, effectively making it the best value of the three. This unlimited voice plan will be made available on February 21st (that’s this Thursday), beating a couple of their competitors to market too.

Personally, I don’t yak enough to justify a $100+ monthly phone bill, but there has to be a market for this sort of thing if all three providers want a piece. Now we just have to wait for Sprint to follow suit.