iPhone Users Rejoice, AT&T Goes Unlimited

iPhone Users Rejoice, AT&T Goes Unlimited


We don’t like being limited. We like to gorge ourselves at all-you-can-eat buffets and our cell phone usage is no different. While iPhone owners let out a collective groan when Verizon announced its new unlimited plans, they also let out a collective sigh of relief with today’s announcement from AT&T.

AT&T is now offering a completely unlimited voice plan for $99 a month, letting iPhone users (and every other AT&T subscriber) the opportunity to call home, call their buddies, and make dinner reservations as much as they’d like. Better still, this smorgasbord-style calling plan can be combined with any data plan, including the $35 unlimited connectivity offering. This includes 3G.

By combining these two options, you pay $134 a month for just about everything you need, compared to the $149 equivalent from Verizon. Do note that iPhones don’t do the $35 data, because they already have a $20 unlimited data plan.