Fido Launches Pair of Windows Mobile Smartphones

Fido Launches Pair of Windows Mobile Smartphones


And so the lines between Fido and Rogers just got a little blurrier. Up until now, Fido has largely been targeting the average consumer with affordable handsets, but today marks a very monumental milestone for the canine-themed cellular provider. Fido has now jumped into the Windows Mobile smartphone market with the Samsung JACK and the Motorola Q9h.

Although these phones cannot be found on the main website just yet, they can be found on the domain. The handsets are identical in nearly every way to their Rogers counterparts.

Both the Samsung Jack (also known as BlackJack II) and the Motorola Q9h are powered by Windows Mobile 6, and come with a 2 megapixel camera, GPS module, full QWERTY keyboard, and all the other stuff you’d expect from a WM smartphone. The Q9h has one leg up with a flash for its camera.

Pricing for the JACK and Q9h have been set at $225 and $275, respectively, assuming that you’ll sign a qualifying three-year Fido agreement with a Windows Mobile option. Windows Mobile plans start at $15 (unlimited email, plus 2MB data).