Ultimate FAQ To Using An iPhone in Canada

Ultimate FAQ To Using An iPhone in Canada


Canadians still have no official access to an Apple iPhone without having to go through one of the extensive guides on jailbreaking and unlocking of the popular multi-touch handset. As a result, many Canucks have a never-ending supply of questions concerning the use of the iPhone within Canada’s borders. It can be terribly confusing.

Thankfully, the good guys at iPhoneInCanada.ca have put together an extensive FAQ on what you need to know about using an iPhone in Canada. The FAQ may seem rather trivial to iPhone aficionados, but you have to realize that most the general public has never even heard of the term jailbreak without the context of, I don’t know, Alcatraz or something.

Among the questions answered in the iPhone Canada FAQ are:
* What features will work?
* How Do I Go Abouts Buying an iPhone in the USA? Will I have to sign a contract? What about firmware? Will I have to pay taxes/duties on my iPhone?
* Should I update my iPhone’s firmware? I want to update to 1.1.1/1.1.2/1.1.3!
* How do I setup EDGE settings on my iPhone?
* How do I download 3rd party applications to my iPhone?
* My speaker volume is so darn low. I’m missing calls. How can I fix this?

And that’s just the tip of the Canadian iPhone iceberg.