Samsung Gets Ready to Dump HD DVD Completely

Samsung Gets Ready to Dump HD DVD Completely


Samsung was one of the few remaining companies that backed the HD DVD format, even though they had a wide range of Blu-ray products as well. Following in the footsteps of so many other manufacturers and retailers, Samsung has now decided to heavily shift its focus on Blu-ray.

As you recall, Samsung had a number of dual format HD disc players, letting consumers enjoy both HD DVD and Blu-ray discs on the same machine. That split focus will now be shifting and by all indications, Samsung is in the process of phasing HD DVD out of their lineup altogether. When asked for a rationale, they cited Warner Bros. emphasis on Blu-ray. “We will make what consumers want.”

So, it seems that only a very small number of companies are still riding the HD DVD wave, the most notable of which is Toshiba. If Toshiba jumps ship, it’ll be pretty safe to proclaim the winner of the format war.