iBand Plays Music on iPhones For Real (Video)

iBand Plays Music on iPhones For Real (Video)


You’ve surely seen some of the music apps for the Apple iPhone, but these have largely been designed for an individual experience. Appropriately named iBand, this is the first iPhone band, coming together to play real music using these specialized applications. In the video embedded below, you can see two iPhones playing alongside a single Nintendo DS.

As it stands, the trio is capable of producing some rather authentic tunes, because the two iPhones are taking care of the guitar and piano side of things, whereas the Nintendo DS, interestingly enough, appears to be playing Electroplankton. The band plans on calling “some guys with iPod touches” in their neighborhood to further flesh out their sound.

The Nintendo DS will likely get ditched when manage to add a drumset via the BeatPhone iPhone app. This will complete their Apple fandom and will further launch them into YouTube fame.