Big Ass Buttons on Emporia Life Plus Senior Phone

Big Ass Buttons on Emporia Life Plus Senior Phone


You young whipper-snappers might be content with tiny keys and high-resolution displays, but older folks just want a phone that works and one that is easy to see. It may not have a big rotary dial, but the Emporia Life Plus is definitely a cell phone that’s being geared toward the elderly.

As you can see from the provided picture, the call and end keys have been significantly enlarged, making them easy to hit for even the most arthritic of hands and the most vision-blurred of eyes. The numeric keypad on this slider phone is much the same with enlarged digits for ease of dialing. The big display is kept simple, so there are no fancy tricks to confuse.

In addition to regular voice calls,t he Emporia Life Plus can also handle SMS and there is an additional red “panic” button that can be hit in an emergency situation. This automatically dials up the emergency number stored in the handset. The manufacturer also notes that this phone can be used in tandem with hearing equipment. Other features include a flashlight, agenda, and alarm. No word on price, but we’re expecting a Q2 or Q3 launch.