Apple MacBook Air Goes Bold With Colorware

Apple MacBook Air Goes Bold With Colorware


You might be a fan of the subdued silver appearance on the regular MacBook Air, but as can be expected, the folks at Colorware coming to the rescue with some rather bold color treatments.

The pictured version boasts an incredibly vibrant blue and yellow paint scheme, but Colorware is now offering over 35 different colors for the MacBook Air, effectively letting your personality come shining through. You know, in case having the remarkably thin notebook wasn’t enough of a fashion statement already.

And don’t think that the personalization process ends with just a couple slabs of paint. As appears to be the norm with so many notebook owners, Colorware’d MacBook Airs can also be on the receiving end of custom logos and designs. Want one to flaunt your alma mater? I’m pretty sure Colorware can do that.