Spyker Touchscreen Phone Even Better Than iPhone?

Spyker Touchscreen Phone Even Better Than iPhone?


The Spyker namesake is probably much better known among auto enthusiasts, but the crazy Dutch car manufacturer also lends its name to a variety of consumer electronics. We’ve seen some Spyker-branded mobile phones before, but none have exactly approached the same market as the Apple iPhone. That is, until now.

Over at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, there’s a touchscreen cell phone being bandied around that features the Spyker name. What makes this iPhone-like clone a little different is that they’ve managed to shove a tiny numeric keypad underneath the touchscreen display. The digits are probably a little hard to dial, but they might beat using a virtual keypad. Then again…

Anyways, it’s hard to tell what the rest of the feature set holds, because the Spyker-branded phone was housed behind a glass case at the MWC. At the same time, we’re not even completely sure that the display is a touchscreen. Maybe it’s just a big display.