Official Guitar Hero Portable Game For Under 15 Bucks

Official Guitar Hero Portable Game For Under 15 Bucks


It’s not quite the Guitar Hero DS that we’ve all been wanting, but it’s almost the next best thing.

If you’re like everyone else and you can’t get enough of the rhythm game genre, you might want to check out this crazy Guitar Hero Caribiner game from Basic Fun. Fully endorsed by the people at Activision and Red Octane, this portable version of Guitar Hero lets you jam out just about anywhere you go. The notes cascade down the street and then you tap the appropriate buttons at the right time. Yes, the graphics suck, but it’s supposed to capture the “spirit” of the original.

Some of the songs included in the package are Rock this Town, Killer Queen, You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’, and Message in a Bottle. Look for it at major retailers next month for $14.99. I don’t know. The extra basic visuals are a bit of a turn-off. You might have more fun playing Phase on your iPod instead.