IOGEAR GearJuice Charging Kit Compatible With Almost Anything

IOGEAR GearJuice Charging Kit Compatible With Almost Anything


The last time I went traveling — a trip to Vegas for CES 2008 — I found myself packing way too many chargers and other accessories. I had a charging cable for my iPod, one for my cell phone, another for my laptop… it was all terribly inconvenient. Wouldn’t it be better if there was a single device that could power them all?

The GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power pack from IOGEAR has been designed to let you charge just about any mobile device on the go. Better still, it comes with a whole whack of connectors, ensuring that just about any cell phone will be able to grab power from this bad boy. There are seven interchangeable connectors in all. It’ll also work with digital camera, multimedia players, and at least 300 other devices.

After pre-charging the GearJuice, you’re able to dispense that power to at least three mobile phones (or the same phone three times) before having to get another top-up. No word on price, but you can keep an eye on IOGEAR for more info as it becomes available.