Ya Make Yo Own N-Gage Games With Yamake

Ya Make Yo Own N-Gage Games With Yamake


The N-Gage gaming platform from Nokia is supposed to revitalize our interest in cell phone games, but if the current offerings don’t tickle your fancy, you may want to consider making your own using Yamake.

Developed by Nokia Games Publishing, Yamake for N-Gage (how’s that for an urban name?) “makes it possible for players to create their own games from a range of mini games.” In this way, you’re not making a wholly new creation, but you do get to add your own custom flair via a series of unique content. Your gaming offspring can then be shared with friends and the rest of the Yamake community.

The mini games include things like picture puzzles and pop quizzes, but players can customize the content using text, pictures, sound clips, and movies. Nothing quite like setting up a Valentine’s Day quiz for your significant other. Where was your first kiss again?