Mobile World Congress: Samsung L170 Compact Bar Phone

Mobile World Congress: Samsung L170 Compact Bar Phone


Despite being billed as an “affordable” handset, the Samsung L170 actually brings quite a bit to the table, both in terms of functionality and fashion-consciousness. When I first saw a picture of this phone, I thought that it was a remarkably compact slider phone, but it turns out that it’s actually candybar-styled.

Just picture it. Imagine if this phone was a slider, and you’ll realize just how tiny of a footprint it would have compared to the other slim sliders from Samsung. Yes, the display would be a fair bit smaller, but I imagine that there would be a sizable market for such a creation. Even so, the Samsung L170 isn’t anything to sneeze at with its minimalist design, glossy finish, and stylish looks.

The expected feature set includes touch-sensitive keys, a 2 megapixel camera, integrated media player, video recording, FM radio with RDS, full HTML browser, Bluetooth 2.0, and PictBridge. Not bad for a $250 phone, eh? Look for it in March.