Atlas Kinetic Cell Phone Doesn’t Need Charging

Atlas Kinetic Cell Phone Doesn’t Need Charging


You know those cool watches that never need their batteries replaced? The ones that get topped up simply by getting a shake or two every once in a while? The same sort of idea has gone into the Atlas Kinetic Cell Phone, because it makes use of “oscillating weight to power a mainspring.”

Much like those wristwatches, all that is required to power up a dormant Kinetic cell phone is a modest jostle. When you wear a watch on your wrist, it automatically gets a shake or two just from your regular everyday movements. Presumably, the same could be true about your mobile phone, whether it be stowed in your purse, in your pocket, or on your hip.

As a result, you’ll never have to worry about batteries or battery life again if you were to own this totally funkadelic mobile. Unfortunately, it’s just a wet dream of some designer at this point, so there’s no saying when and if it’ll ever make it to production.