Tom Dickson Attempts to Blend Bic Lighters (Video)

Tom Dickson Attempts to Blend Bic Lighters (Video)


You know, this has the best marketing technique ever employed for a blender. Tom Dickson is continuing his “Will it Blend?” series by tossing a bunch of Bic Lighters into his signature Blendtec blender.

Chances are that you’ve seen something similar before, maybe even the video where Tom attempts to grind the Apple iPhone to smithereens. Well, these Bic lighters aren’t nearly as valuable, but with the ignitable fluid inside and plenty of spark, you’ve got to wonder what kind of result will come about. To make matters even more interesting, he’s attempting to blend a half dozen lighters.

Let’s see here. Flammable contents, plus sparks and metal, results in… well, watch the video to find out.