Plain MicroSD Card Reader Can Be Surprisingly Fashionable

Plain MicroSD Card Reader Can Be Surprisingly Fashionable


I’m not the kind of person who is particularly interested in technology that has crystals and all other sorts of fancy dress-up items laced on top. I’m perfectly satisfied with something that looks half-way decent, so long as it manages to perform as claimed. Naturally, there are people who are the polar opposite of me.

A microSD card reader sounds pretty boring, so ADTEC has decided to create a version wherein owners can razzle-dazzle with any sort of unique design that their heart desires. Based heavily in the nail art phenomenon in Japan, these plain white microSD card readers can serve as blank canvasses for nail artists, etching and adding all sorts of flowers, colors, and even tiny pieces of plastic sushi.

Functional? Not exactly, but I’m sure this kind of thing will appeal to plenty of ladies. Last minute Valentine’s gift for the geeky gal in your life?