Mobile Virtual Fishing Game is Really For Real

Mobile Virtual Fishing Game is Really For Real


Cell phone games are fun and all, but they’re largely inconsequential. Not this one. Ippon Zuri is a new fishing game available to NTT DoCoMo subscribers. That doesn’t sound all that exciting until you realize that by catching a fish in the game, you actually get a fish in real life.

The current deal for Ippon Zuri — which translates to pole-and-line fishing — is only for the residents of Fukuoka in Japan, but it proves to be quite a convenient way to head out to the lake without actually going to the lake. The partnership has been forged between DoCoMo, local system development company FIT, and a local fish wholesaler.

Those itching for some angling pay a fee of 1000 Yen (about $10) for three games. Anything that you catch in the mobile game — fish, crab, whatever — will then be delivered to your door by the local seafood wholesaler. Well, you have to “win” the slot machine mini-game too. They should have done pachinko instead.