Unloading the Bling Blang Audio Accessories from iLuv

Unloading the Bling Blang Audio Accessories from iLuv


Valentine’s Day is just two days away, so that probably means that more than half the male population is still scratching their respective heads over what to do on that fateful day. Chances are that the flower shops and chocolate stores are close to being wiped clean, so it’s time to up the ante with something a little more shiny. iLuv has stepped it up with not just a single set of headphones encrusted in crystals, but an entire line of audio products packed with shimmery eye candy. Thankfully, they’re not all that expensive.

There are five items in this product line altogether.

– The iLuv i80 Crystal In-ear Earphones come with in-line volume control and a holster case for the iPod. The adjustable slider adds comfort whereas the iPod case adds a “flashy look to your iPhone.” The $70 item can be found in Gold, Pink, and Silver.
– The iLuv i81 Crystal Hands-free Ear Clips have a built-in microphone and volume control, letting you chat and bob your head at the same time. Like the i80, the i81 is also $70 and comes in the same three color variations.
– The iLuv i82 Crystal Hands-free Ear Clips are similar to the i81, but it comes with the holster case too. I imagine they’re slightly lower in quality, though, because the whole shi-bang also goes for $70.
– The iLuv i83 Crystal In-ear Earphones (left) are shiny and come with in-line volume control. A little more affordable at $40 too.
– The iLuv i84 Crystal Ear Clips (right) come with a slider for a more comfortable fit. They’ve got the crystal thing going on too, of course, and they sell for $40.