The Definitive Guide to Valentine’s Day Text Messaging

The Definitive Guide to Valentine’s Day Text Messaging


Seeing how Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, there’s a good chance that you and your significant other will not be in the same location all day. You might be at work and she might be at school, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get an early start on trying to get some nookie that night. In fact, AT&T is saying that Valentine’s Day is the most popular holiday for text messaging, resulting in a 33% spike in SMS traffic.

Initially, I found this a little hard to believe, because everyone wishes everyone a happy new year on January 1st, right? Well, that’s just a single text message, whereas Valentine’s Day can be comprised of many, many text messages sent over the course of the day. In order to help prepare you for the festivities on February 14th, Gizmodo has compiled a list of shorthand messages that are perfect for the SMS world. Maybe they were all inspired by those little heart candies. Whatever the case, feel free to use any and all of them.

2G2BT [Too good to be true]
4EAE [Forever and ever]
4U [For you]
AML [All my love]
D8 [Date]
FTBOMH [From the bottom of my heart]
GNSD [Good night, sweet dreams]
H2CUS [Hope to see you soon]
ILU [I love you]
IMU [I miss you]
ISLY [I still love you]
IWALU [I will always love you]
KOTC [Kiss on the cheek]
KOTL [Kiss on the lips]
MUSM [Miss you so much]
QT [Cutie]
TY [Thank you]
TOY [Thinking of you]
URH [You are hot]
UW [You’re welcome]
XOXOXO [Hugs & Kisses]

One commenter (The Lab) added an extra one that you might want to stash way for emergencies:

TLWL4EVA, WATRSCITW: This love will last for ever, with antibiotics the rash should clear in two weeks