T-Mobile 2008 Roadmap Calls for 3G, Android

T-Mobile 2008 Roadmap Calls for 3G, Android


Here are a couple of exciting tidbits for anyone still bitter over the surgical removal of Catherine Zeta-Jones from the GSM fold. T-Mobile is planning to finally launch their 3G network in the United States some time this summer, finally offering customers a speedier way to get their mobile data. They’re a little late to party, seeing how Sprint is already working on some 4G connectivity, but it’s good to see T-Mo moving in the right direction.

The 3G network for T-Mobile was originally supposed to launch in 2008, but they underwent a series of serious delays that have pushed the deployment to Summer 2008. CEO Hamid Akhavan is confident, though, that the upcoming deployment will bring about a network that is quite “robust”. The initial launch will be for major metropolitan areas only, of course, but that’s how you build the “best 3G network in the country.”

In possibly bigger news, T-Mobile also plans on having a Google Android-based handset among their fold by the end of this year. In this way, we fully expect that the T-Mo Android phone will be running on their new 3G network.