All GM Certified Used Cars Appear on eBay

All GM Certified Used Cars Appear on eBay


Looks like General Motors is taking the plunge into the digital era, because the automaker has inked a deal wherein their entire inventory of certified used vehicles will appear on eBay Motors. Yes, each and every certified used car that comes through General Motors will become available to the populous through the world’s largest auction site.

You may have heard about some of the recent changes at eBay and the related backlash, but I somehow doubt that this new agreement with General Motors will help to douse that fire. GM has not indicated exactly how many cars will be added to the eBay marketplace, but there are about 4,000 dealerships across the country that are selling certified used vehicles for GM. If you assume that each dealership has at least a handful of these, then you’ve got yourself quite a collection of old cars.

Interestingly, eBay Motors will not be charging GM dealers any money at all to list their certified used vehicles for sale on its site. I can see the advantage for General Motors, but what does eBay have to gain from this?