Acura is Not Going Hybrid Any Time Soon

Acura is Not Going Hybrid Any Time Soon


Although Honda has a number of hybrid cars in its lineup, its upper class cousin currently has no plan to offer hybrid versions of any current or future products. This is according to VP Dick Colliver. At the Chicago Auto Show, he said that Acura does not think a hybrid powertrain is appropriate for larger vehicles.

Really? Not suitable for larger vehicles? Maybe Colliver hasn’t heard of something like the Tahoe Hybrid or the hybrids that are getting offered by premium brands like Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes. I’m not saying that Acura should start developing hybrid vehicles, but that’s a pretty lame-ass reason. Colliver claims that hybridization is better suited for compact cars and Acura doesn’t plan on selling any of those. You’ll notice that the smallest car in the lineup is the CSX, and that’s not exactly Yaris or Fit-sized.

At the same time, Colliver recognizes that consumers want more environmentally-friendly options and that’s why Acura is working to provide a new 2.2L four-cylinder diesel in some of its new models. This is interesting, because polls are showing that Americans favor hybrids over diesels.