Access NetFront Mobile Browser Ported to Windows Mobile

Access NetFront Mobile Browser Ported to Windows Mobile


Owners of Windows Mobile smartphones probably know all too well about the performance of Pocket Internet Explorer. Claiming to be faster and easier to use that the Microsoft offering, the NetFront Mobile Browser from Access is now available for WinMo smartphones. NetFront is a development from the team at Access, the same people who created the Garnet operating system for Palm handhelds.

The NetFront mobile browser is supposed to have two key advantages over Pocket Internet Explorer. Described as a “concept”, NetFront is supposed to provide better navigation and faster page rendering times. If you’re a busy business person, waiting for a page to render can not only cost you time, but money too. Thankfully, this browser won’t cost you any money, because Access is offering NetFront for Windows Mobile as a free download.

More information about the NetFront Browser v3.5 for Windows Mobile can be found through the official website. At this time, it will only work with Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC, so any of you WM6 people need not apply.