Yamaha BF-1 BODiBEAT MP3 Player In Tune With Your Body

Yamaha BF-1 BODiBEAT MP3 Player In Tune With Your Body


Owning an MP3 player that only plays music while you work out at the gym just sounds so boring when you compare that experience with the one you’ll have with the BODiBEAT MP3 player from Yamaha. In addition to pumping out “Eye of the Tiger” at full blast, the BF-1 BodiBeat “changes music according to the pace of your exercise.” What this means is that you don’t get a truly random playlist, because the player automatically chooses the right song to fit your session on the treadmill, switching it up when you hit the weights.

Yamaha tells us that this player has three different modes and each is meant to fit a certain kind of workout. The BF-1 BodiBeat comes equipped with an accelerometer not unlike the one found inside the iPhone and Wii Remote, figuring out when you running at full pace versus when you’re going for a light jog. It’s also got a heart monitor.

On some level, you could draw some comparisons to the iBod accessory for the Apple iPod, but I’m thinking that Yamaha doesn’t have nearly as sexual an overtone to their product. And it’s more expensive too, because the 512MB Yamaha BodiBeat goes for $300.