Play Guitar Hero with a Real Guitar (Video)

Play Guitar Hero with a Real Guitar (Video)


I can’t get enough Guitar Hero III. I can’t get enough Rock Band. Truth be told, I’m a huge fan of rhythm games, because while I don’t have the patience to learn a real instrument, I have way too much fun wailing away on a pint-sized axe and smashing away on some toy drums. Some people don’t seem to understand this addiction and that’s fine. For people who want a more realistic experience, they may want to consider Guitar Rising, which is essentially Guitar Hero using a real guitar. Any guitar.

Available for both the PC and Mac, Guitar Hero lets you use any real electric guitar, plucking at those real strings and playing some real music. The kicker is that the user interface on your computer monitor mimics that of Guitar Hero, tossing round notes across the screen and getting you to pluck them at the appropriate time. Instead of just five fret buttons, Guitar Rising gets you to watch all six strings. Where I’m a little confused is how it tells you what chord you should be playing.

You could say that Guitar Rising is educational, because it is designed to teach you how to play a real electric guitar. Easy mode introduces you to the basics, but expert really forces the rock hero out of you. Check out the video for a better idea of what Guitar Rising is all about.